We craft beautiful apps and strife for a better web.

We at CyCraft are passionate about making things that make sense for users. We believe that creating websites and apps is a craft that can only be successful when done with love.

# Projects

  • CineMatch
  • Popicons (coming Q1 2020)
  • We have years of experience of client work, and we can help you with your next project.

# Values

  • [design] A clear and focussed design makes users want to engage
  • [code] Write code as beautiful as the design - modern and concise

We craft without cruft.

# Who are we

Luca Ban

Technology enthusiast since birth. Thinks of writing code as nothing less than poetry. Believes everything is possible - talent is a skill you teach yourself.

Tadaki Matsushita

Self taught coder. Helped companies all over Japan turn their vision into code. Excels at web marketing.

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