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We craft beautiful apps and strive for a better web.
Our Projects
Pepicons is a grand total of 118 hand-crafted icons — and counting! This completely original icon set is made in two retro variants: Pop! and Print. A live preview on the website allows you to play around with all the variations the icon pack has to offer.
With the help of CineMatch a user can create film watchlists and share them with friends. This neat app has a clean user interface that organizes the user’s lists beautifully and with simplicity.
Team Efforts
UBI Calculator
Ever wonder how you might benefit through a Universal Basic Income The UBI Calculator is an ingenius plugin that allows a user to calculate their exact earnings with different UBI plans.
Peer Learning
PeerLearning is an online education software bringing students together to collaborate and learn from one another. Funded by education-focused grants, currently used in schools in the United States.
logomagnetar name
Magnetar is a framework-agnostic syncing solution that keeps your data where you need it.
logoblitzar name
A flexible component collection allowing for blitzing fast prototyping with VueJS.
logoplanetar name
This nimble Vue framework creates an auto-generated, living style guide.
How we design
With clarity and focus, we enable the user to engage with purpose.
How we code
Matching the beauty of the design, our code is modern, concise, and adaptive.
About Us
Luca Ban

Has been a technology enthusiast since birth. He thinks of writing code as nothing less than poetry. Believes everything is possible — talent is a skill you teach yourself.

Tadaki Matsushita

Self taught coder. He has helped companies all over Japan turn their vision into code. Excels at web marketing; and currently loves automation.

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